Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Christian Websites

Hello My lovlies!!!

Thought today I would share some Christian websites that I like to visit.

---I absolutely love this website. A great website for young single Christians. This website has helped me with my relationship with God, and discover more about my relationship with him. It has also helped to give me clarity about relationships, my faith, and being young and single. They also have podcasts that they put up every week that you can listen to on the website or on the podcast app. Each podcast contains a roundtable discussion, culture segment, and Q and A session. So good!

---A great website. Brings worldly news and connects it spiritually. So helpful on how to see the world.

---Website for the Christian ministry at the campus of Texas A&M. Listen to the sermons of Ben Stuart through the website or on your iPhone through the podcast app. His sermons are so good! Very relevant to the young adult. The sermons are a mix of both scripture, advice, and Stuarts own personal stories.

---Both of these websites are great just to browse relevant ideas and articles discussing faith. Also, christian college helps those who are looking for a christian college to attend and also advice for once you get there. 

Hope you enjoy these websites. I definitely do! If you guys have any interesting websites (Christian or not) let me know!!!


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